Zoom: “Rehearsal Technique Film/TV” with Stella Adler Master Teacher Ron Burrus (Los Angeles) Berlín, Alemania
Publicado en 27/11/2020
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Specially offered to actors (active participants) who have already studied with Mr. Burrus (exceptions can be made only for actors with several years of experience Film/Tv/Theatre) and therefore have first hand knowledge of his approach to material and the application of technique at the right time. Actors work first and Mr. Burrus will work second off of what the working actor presents. The focus will be on the importance of  “You build a past to influence your acting in the present” principle. 

“A session with Ron is like going to church. I am not a bit religious but I can image that the feelings of calmness and reassurance I am left with after an hour with Ron is similar to sensation of walking about of a service. This is high praise! But I don’t believe there anyone better at breaking down a script. He just makes things so much simpler and that is all I ever need.” – Jane Levy ( „Shameless“, „Twin Peaks“)

Teaching language: English. 5 Sessions: January 4th to 8th; 2020 * Application necessary – Limited to 12 – Active Participants * Observertickets available for Directors, Actors, Writers. * 4.00 pm – 7:00 pm – Time zone: Europe-Berlin || ** 8:00 am – 11:00 am – Time zone: PDT Los Angeles.



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