Online Lab: “Ways to prepare and rehearse without a partner” with Hollywood Acting Coach Greta Seacat Berlín, Alemania
Publicado en 20/05/2020
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We will introduce and practice methods to prepare alone as well as rehearse without a partner. We will be working on the Sam Sheppard’s “FOOL FOR LOVE. Actors will choose a character and stay with one role thru out the lab. There will be homework and assignments in between meetings. The lab work will include:  A preparation to get into the “ creative state” as Stanislavsky described it  A practical character analysis process leading to choices that will then be explored in rehearsal  Animal work, humanizing the animal plus a monologue (There will be a video demonstration on how to do the animal exercise which we we use to springboard into character work)  Private moment, plus private moments as the character  Etudes/ improvisations on the given circumstances  How to use Points of Concentration taken from the given circumstances to explore during rehearsal. Teaching language: English.

Sessions Tuesday & Thursday: Starting September 22th, 2020. Active Participant Experienced Actors, Actresses & Young Talents. * Application necessary – Limited to 14Observertickets limited (Directors, Actors, Writers). * 6.30 pm – 9:30 pm – Time zone: Europe-Berlin || ** 9:30 am – 12:30 – Time zone: PDT Los Angeles

World renowned acting coach and teacher. Greta works with A list, Oscar and golden globe winning actors (Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Fonda and many more).

“And then I found my person through that and I´ve worked with her ever since”, her person turned out to be Greta Seacat, whose mother Sandra, is also a famous acting teacher. “She´s such a wise woman, Kirsten says warmly of Greta, “and so intuitive and emotional.” They now work together on every role, going over the script and really building the character, using dreams, memories – anything and everything that happens to be around.”

(Kirsten Dunst – Best Actress 2011 Cannes “Melancholia” | Interview: The gentle woman)

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