A LABAN WORKSHOP with Director Mike Alfreds (Mark Rylance, Pam Ferris, Ian McKellen) Berlín, Alemania
Publicado en 20/05/2020
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“If I was allowed to train again to be an actor, but I was only allowed one teacher, it would have to be Mike Alfreds. To me he is a genius when it comes to acting and storytelling. I will spend my life trying to be true to what he perceives possible in the theatre. He is a true pioneer.” – Mark Rylance

Mike Alfreds is offering a masterclass of seven 2-hour sessions on Laban Efforts. He will work on the eight archetypes (Floating, Gliding, Dabbing, Flicking, Slashing, Wringing, Pressing, Thrusting), exploring the way in which body, voice, feeling and thought are integrated so that actors can function fully and equally in all aspects of their expressiveness. Laban increases the actor’s ability to break pattern, develop flexibility and provides an invaluable approach to characterisation. 

The structure of the course will be, more or less, as follows: Day 1: The elements of weight, space and time: the building blocks of the Efforts Day 2: Floating/Thrusting Day 3: Dabbing/Wringing Day 4: Flicking/Pressing Day 5: Gliding/Slashing Day 6: Recapitulation of the Efforts and Characterisation Day 7: Applying Laban to a Text 

This structure is sufficiently flexible, so that the sequence or focus of a session can vary, depending on the interest and experience of the group. The subjects of some sessions may well over-lap. The work is designed to accommodate those taking part!

MIke Alfreds has directed for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare’s Globe and the ROYAL NATIONAL THEATRE where he was an associate director, as well as for several regional repertory theatres. He has staged over two hundred productions, some of which have won awards both abroad and in the UK. He has adapted novels and stories for the stage, devised performances and translated the texts of several of his productions.

7 Sessions: Start November 16th, 2020

*** Since corona had an effect on most of us financially, we’re open to the option of booking now and paying later. If you would like to discuss this option, feel comfortable to contact us. ***

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