Online: Free Shakespeare for Young People with Charlie Dupré Berlín, Alemania
Publicado en 15/10/2020
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This workshop is for you if: *You want to develop more confidence with Shakespeare’s language *You enjoy having fun with Shakespeare’s stories and characters * You just like theatre. Benefits include: Broader knowledge of the English language *Deeper appreciation of the poetry and ideas of Shakespeare *Sharper skills of presentation. || A close reading and discussion of the themes, characters and language of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night´s Dream” (Thursday & Friday) and his bloodiest tragedy, ‘Macbeth’ (Tuesday). Teaching language: English. Offered sessions  Tuesday (Age 14 – 18) & Thursday/Friday (Age 10 – 13). Recommended to take part minimum of 3 session in succession. Booking: 3 – Session Ticket or FREE for young people from families whose financial resources are currently limited. (Thanks to donations the courses will be offered to these young people completely free of charge).

Shakespeare for Young People with Charlie Dupré
Tuesdays (Age 14 – 18) or Thursdays/Fridays (Age 10 – 13) | 5 pm – 7 pm | Berlin Time

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