Good English Speakers Needed For An International Commercial Barcelona, España
Publicado en 29/04/2021

Hey, this may be your chance to appear on international television and a great variety of social media platforms.

You will get a script with a short story that you will have to tell in a convincing way.

As I am producing the commercial by myself my budget is currently limited and I will not be able to compensate you. But if I can sell the commercial with your video, you will receive 200 Euros or more (usage fee). If I cannot sell the commercial, we can both still profit from this, by using this video as a reference video or showreel.

There will be no casting if you have good English skills, we can meet in a studio in Barcelona on the 5. May and record the commercial. And the best thing is, that meeting will last no longer than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please hit me up ( ). I am looking forward to working with you.



Categoría : CASTINGS
Localización : Barcelona
Condición : Urgente!
Tipo : Publicidad
Rem : Remunerado
¿Qué perfil buscas? : Hombres
¿Qué edad buscas? : de 16 a 25 años, de 26 a 35 años, de 36 a 55 años, Más de 55 años
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