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Publicado en 17/09/2019
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The Course


The Lucid Body is a physical process that offers actors an alternative way of thinking about character embodiment. A Lucid Body workshop drops in the basic physical language and awareness that will benefit actors in a training program, as well as a cast throughout the rehearsal period. 
Based on the premise that each body holds the potential to experience every human condition, The Lucid Body trains not just the physical body but also the mental and emotional body as well… without this self-dissection every character will look and feel the same. By first looking at the emotional and physical habits that limit the actor, this process ensures a healthier actor with a wider range of charater choices.
A Lucid Body experience begins with the yoga and modern based Lucid Body Warm-Up. The students are then taken through a variety of physical exercises designed to open awareness of their alignment and personality habits; exercising the areas that most challenge them – whether they be unknown, or over-used aspects of personality. This process is individually catered to the needs of each student. Lastly, the students apply their new-found avenues of expression toward creating deep, revealed characters, and connecting more fully and impulsively to their scene partners.


  • Deep yoga-based physical warm-up and breath work.
  • Physical exercises for expanding self-awareness and acting range
  • Dynamic scene work exploring physical exercises for scene partners – honing full-body listening and sensitivity to the partner.
  • Physical exercises to diagnose and deepen the layers of a character.
  • Increasing the dexterity to play far beyond the type.
  • Developing ease in taking direction.
  • Exercising flexibility for adjusting to different mediums: stage, film, and TV
  • Shortcut language between director and actors.
  • Letting go of competition and comparison.
  • Releasing fear and judgement between scene partners.
  • Creating a safe space for risk taking and collaboration.


Thiago Felix
Originally from Brazil, Thiago is an actor, director, acting coach and a certified Lucid Body Teacher. He has taught the Lucid Body technique at the Yale School of Drama and Eugene Lang College at The New School University. He is a current faculty member at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City and at The Studio/NewYork. Thiago also teaches the Lucid Body Process extensively in Brazil sharing his knowledge with his fellow citizens, and most recently in Lisbon, Portugal. He is one of a few Lucid Body Institute teachers, leading workshops at the Lucid Body House in NYC where he understood that acting transcends any fixed idea of reality and reveals the complexity of the human heart. Supporting his teaching skills he has 10 years of experience in Reiki and other energy healing techniques. He is proud to be a co-founder of Group .BR theater company, where he co-directed the company’s second season of Infinite While it Lasts, being nominated for Outstanding movement and choreography at the New York Innovative Theater Awards. As an actor, one of Thiago’s most transformative projects is to be part of the cast of Leaving Theater, an Impact Theater production surrounding the challenges of US war veterans. 


October 4th, 5th & 6th



Friday 4th: 18:00h-22:00h(15′ break)


Saturday 5th: 10:00h-18:00h (1hr break)


Sunday 6th: 10:00h-18:00h (1hr break)

Price 250€

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