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Publicado en 05/07/2019
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Summer Acting Lessons in Barceona for English Speaking and Greek speaking readers

Ιnternationally renowned and award-winning Cypriot actor Marios Ioannou offers one-on-one acting lessons and coaching sessions in Barcelona from July 1st to August 15th.
Lessons are suitable for:
a) Individuals looking for an introduction to theatre
b) Amateur actors who wish to perfect their skills
c) Professional actors who seek coaching or specific training for an upcoming role
During a suggested range of 4-8 meetings, the lessons will bring you immediate results in improving your stage presence, enhancing your improvisational skills, fine-tuning your physicality and speech synthesis, and help make your breathing technique an essential part of your work. Lessons will be personalised in method according to your individual needs.
Cost per 2 hour session: EUR 30
First meeting is free.
Those of you interested, please send a message to Marios Ioannou on Facebook or to


For more info on Marios Ioannou go to this website adress:




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