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Condición : Muy Urgente!
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Mysterium Tours is a franchising company that crafts and offers evening walking tours dedicated to tourists where we present dark history and ghost stories told by the voice of an elegant narrator in gothic costuming.


Desired skills:

  • An excellent use of EnglishSpanish or Italian with native accent.
  • A good look appropriate for impersonating an elegant gentleman or noble lady from the olden days.
  • A genuine passion for history, mysteries, legends and gothic fiction.
  • A charismatic voice with good projection, suitable for narrating historical facts and dark tales.
  • An ability to memorize the scripts and deliver a professional performance.
  • Basic or advanced knowledge of Storytelling and talent for it.
  • Enthusiasm about wearing a themed outfit: gothic / victorian / steampunk.
  • Ability to perform with confidence in front of large audiences.
  • Ability to narrate stories with a background music.
  • Be independent, disciplined, self motivated, open, honest and flexible.

Benefits of working for Mysterium Tours:

  • Personal (shadowing) and online training.
  • Handpicked outfits fit to the personality of every individual.
  • Competitive wages and tips in cash.
  • An international team who share a common passion.
  • A stunning work environment: old city centres.
  • You could be featured in magazines, radio, TV and travel blogs or attend vampire balls and events.
  • We offer the opportunity to promote your extracurricular activities (photography, music, arts, etc.) on our social networks.
  • Freelance positions.


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