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Publicado en 07/12/2018

Onatti Productions: Estamos en el Reino Unido. We are searching for 1 native Spanish actors (Estamos buscando a 1 actore españole actore) To perform in our fantastic and exciting play called  “El Viejo Saloon” in schools in the UK (en escuelas en el Reino Unido). Actors must have driving licence and be over 25 years old. (Los actores deben tener licencia de conducir y tener más de 25 años)

The play is written by Onatti and is performed totally in Spanish to English teenagers who are learning Spanish. It is a very funny and very entertaining play with humour for a young audience. The play uses two actors, one male and one female. Both actors will be required to drive the van to the schools and erect the scenery.

Actors will arrive in the UK on 7 January – returning to Spain on 5 April  (Los actores llegarán al Reino Unido el 7 de January, regresando a España el 5 de April. Onatti will provide flights to and from UK, all accommodation costs (not food)  and pay £400 per week including rehearsal week. Onatti is based near Bristol. Actor must – speak native Spanish, have a driving licence and available for the whole tour. Performances are in Schools – 5 days per week Monday to Friday, 2 performances per day, no performances on Saturdays or Sundays.

The actors will drive to the schools, set up, perform and pack away. Auditions in Madrid soon. (audiciones en Madrid)

> CONTACT: Please send your details by e-mail andy@onatti.co.uk . Onatti is a professional company since 2001.

Categoría : CASTINGS
Localización : Madrid
Condición : Urgente!
Tipo : Teatro
Rem : Remunerado
¿Qué perfil buscas? : Hombres
¿Qué edad buscas? : de 16 a 25 años, de 26 a 35 años
El Viejo Saloon – UK tour
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